Jayme Harris is the consummate marketing professional, fast thinking, thorough and creative. She is able to come up with a “game plan” for any occasion and see it through from her beginning concept to the Champagne toast at the end of a successful event or program. Her ability to use social media, computer skills, local and foreign contacts is a combination that she uses easily to make her efforts and results powerful in her field of expertise. Jayme is flexible, but firm in her beliefs in the best way to present your product or event. She has arranged a world premiere “TOP CHEF”, reality TV event in San Miguel Mexico which highlighted my artwork as a participant and winner of 1stplace, and the audience was thrilled with Champagne and popcorn, as a surprise. Her advertisements, program, and videos were top notch. The videos she puts together are not only full of information, but have movement, color, and artistic information in “attention thrill” formats. She just finished a beautiful video for the12th year anniversary opening of my Art Exhibit featuring the women of the Mexican revolution. It was called “LAS SOLDADERAS” and the attendance was overwhelming, thanks to her convincing marketing services. Give Jayme enough information and a time line, and then move over. She will make the rest easy for you, to sit back and get ready for success in your particular field.
Merry Calderoni
International Artist / San Miguel de Allende , Mexico
Jayme Harris is a force to be reckoned with when she decides she is going to market your retreat, company, or event, you will no doubt be receiving a first-class-A-Z consultant who will leave no stone unturned. Her acute ability to choose the best marketing materials which enhance the overall campaign image from the getgo are only the beginning touches which enabled me to understand that we were going to have a successful retreat and that I could allow her to work on her own without my fear interfering in her multiple-decision-making process up until the day we launched Love Yourself To Life Retreats. What amazed me more than anything else is that she was able to pull this off in the shortest period of time in a new country in which she didn't speak the native language! I was able to relax and focus on my teaching skills while I let her have free reign over all the details; instilling the sense of security, professionalism and relaxation that anyone in my shoes needs to feel successful and triumphant. Without Jayme Harris, this would have been an unfulfilled dream.
Crystal Calderoni
Another faithful devotee / Owner of Crystal Calderoni Fitness
I have known Jayme for several years now. She has been instrumental to me with her creative business advice and putting into action the first ever happiness workshop in Dubai, UAE where I was guest speaker, as inspiring others to choose happiness is my business. The event was a great success and since then Jayme has assisted me in social media and marketing support with my other business as owner of Villas Xichu, a happiness and holistic retreat center in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. If you are looking for business advice and support, I highly recommend the services that Jayme offers, she is a woman of action and has worked and traveled all over the world.
Gloria Belendez Ramirez
International Speaker, Author, Multilingual Consecutive Interpreter,Happiness Ambassador, Coach / Villas Xichu Retreat Center
I started my own personal training business and Jayme was a huge source of inspiration, guidance and support along the way. She knows what it takes to have and operate a successful business and she used her skills to help me with generating clients. She motivates and inspires me and has given me the tools to succeed. I now have clients all over the country and love my job.
Randi Moore
Personal Trainer
Jayme is a person who not only believes in dreams, she makes them come true as well. She gave me the courage to dream and the tools to fulfill not just a dream, but all of my dreams
Trudy Marshall Bowler
Author and Ghost Writer
Jayme, you are seriously gifted in so many things. Especially in championing others, standing behind them, driving them forward. You know when an idea holds promise, and you're incredible at getting behind it and propelling it forward into something real and tangible. You got behind me and helped me bring my idea for a food delivery service to life! Your wisdom and advice got me responses left and right from potential customers.There is so much respect that follows you- From everything you've accomplished and what you continue to do. Its been an honor learning under you. You treat me with the highest respect and believe in my ability and capability even when I doubted myself. Your support and advice has opened so many doors for me that otherwise would have remained shut.
Madison Tanner